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June 12, 2009
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Warriors Family Tree -Spoilers by Vampire-dragon Warriors Family Tree -Spoilers by Vampire-dragon

I give you a complete, well researched Warriors Family Tree!!!!!

If you've ever wondered who Bluestar's mother is, or if Mousefur and Runningwind are really siblings, look no further! Did you know that Rosepetal and Ivypool are cousins? And Princess is now a great grandmother?

I've combed through every page of the entire Warriors series (all 24 of the main books, plus the four the super-editions, most of the manga, and the four guide books.) And for the information that wasn't in the series, I looked at and found a family already listed. This version, however, is incorrect on some details, and is outdated.

See for yourself! -->… After you arive at the site, hover the mouse over where it says, "Explore the world of warriors" In the dropdown menu, click on "cats". After that, click "warrior cats family trees" There are three trees total, one for the each of the first three series. The link to them is red and at the bottom of the screen. You may have to answer a trivia question to see the others.

As you can see, it is incorrect. Like, it says that Longtail and Brokentail are both female. And some names are wrong. Molepaw, Sorreltail's only son who died, is wrongly listed as Hazelpaw.

Anyway, what I did was I fixed all the errors (by researching the actual books) and I updated the listings by adding new kits, such as Amberkit and Dewkit, and tried to make the list easier to view and understand. Also, sorry if it looks crowded and complicated. ^^;

Another thing, some names are half yellow. The cats with half yellow names are in TWO PLACES AT ONCE. This means that there are two Cloudtails, two Berrynoses, two Frostfurs, etc. I am deeply sorry for this. My biggest goal when I made this was to have no double names at all. But as the books progressed, and two cats become mates, sometimes It's impossible to twist the tree to make them fit together. So I was forced to have duplicates. I am very sorry.

*edit: Okay fine. After much debate and accusations, I have decided to add Jake as Firestar's father. While I firmly doubt the truth of that, I was presented with evidence that supports the theory that Firestar and Scourge are half-brothers. This is the link I was given as proof: Again, I myself don't believe that Scourge and Firestar are brothers. Reasons why are that Scourge was a kit when Bluestar was a young warrior. Firestar was a kit when Bluestar was old enough to be an elder. That is a huge age difference. Also, when Firestar and Scourge fought in the Darkest Hour, Scourge seemed to be described as a younger cat. Not to mention, the source I recieved was a link to Wikia. This site can be edited by virtually anyone and is not a very reliable source of information. But, though I have my personal doubts, I will amend the family tree to include Jake. Thankyou for reading.

*Edit2: Added Nutmeg, a brown and white she-cat, as Firestar and Princess's mother. I know it is not mentioned in the books at all. Normally, I refuse to put info in here that is not in the books. However, Warriors has it's own app now, and has "secret information" that is not in the books, but comes from the Erins themselves aparently. Since I don't have this app, nor probably ever will, I have no right to decide whether the information is true or not. So, I have no choice but to trust what others tell me.

Please inform me of any errors. However, you must be able to prove that what you're saying is true. If you tell me, so-and-so are related, then you must say which book it was in and what page #. If your information was found on the internet, please leave a link in your comment. Thankyou.

However, I will not accept information coming from Warriors Wikia. Nothing on that site can be credited to be 100% true. That site can be edited by virtually anyone at any time. And on the site they never credit where they got their information, so where did it come from I wonder?

*NOTE: This tree is mainly for Thunderclan. I realize that the other clans have families, but I simply don't have enough room to include them unless they are in some way related to a Thunderclan cat.

UPDATE (8/21/13): I have decided to start adding other clan family trees. I'm starting with the shadowclan from Yellowfang's secret. I might start doing the others eventually.

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Lol Breezepelt is related to Mistystar and.....

He would be pissed... (I mean Breezepelt would be pissed...)
BodanskiKTM Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Icecloud, Foxleap, Sorreltail, Seedpaw and many more die in the book!

However, Cinderheart and Lionblaze have 3 kits who become apprentices:


Also, Lilypaw becomes Lilyheart. She and Seedpaw are Brackenfur and Sorreltails kits, but Seedpaw drowns and Sorreltail dies of Dark Forest Battle wounds!
silverflame29 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Artist
wow i still can't believe that bluestar and firestar are related
Crystalthecat123 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
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((It says on the wiki Willowpelts Graystripes mother.))
Invader-Lesley Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   Digital Artist
I thought somehow FireStar and Scourge were related, and now I see they are half brothers. Thx for the help~
FlitWit Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wooahhh i didnt know sunsstar and feather whisker were related xD
silverflame29 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Artist
what is Bluestar to Firestar btw. I see how they are realated, but is she an aunt, grandma idk could you please message me on that.
YouHaveNoIdeaWhoIam Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Artist
Snowkit is the deaf kit that got carried away by a hawk in the fifth book after the forest burned.
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